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Harvey Awards 2014 Final Ballot. Here We Go!

The Harvey Award is given out at Baltimore Comic Con since 2006 and many other cons before that. It is for Achievements in comics much like the Eisner Awards. This years final ballot is full of goodies so lets get started.

First off Valiant Entertainment took home the most nominations and their title Quantum and Woody took home the most nominations for one title so hats off the Valiant and if you’re not reading any of their titles you need to change that.

Up First is Best Writer, which has who you would hope to see. Brain K. Vaughn for Saga. Mark Waid for Daredevil. Matt Fraction for Hawkeye.  Matt Kindt gets a nomination for his work in MIND MGMT. And Newcomer James Asmus gets a nomination for Quantum and Woody.

Best Artist has some of the usual suspects such as David Aja (Hawkeye), Chris Samnee (Daredevil), and Fiona Staples (Saga). But sees some Fresh faces with Dan Parent (Kevin Keller), Nate Powell (March: Book One), and Jeff Stokely (Six Gun Gorilla)

skipping ahead to Best New Series we have some tough choices. Quantum and Woody, Afterlife with Archie, Sex Criminals, Six Gun Gorilla, and Suicide Risk are all worthy so we shall see who takes the crown. 

As For Best Continuing or Limited Series Saga is looking to recapture its title as Daredevil and Hawkeye battle new comers Mouse Guard : Legends of the Guard Vol.2, HIT, and Archer & Armstrong.

There are many other categories that you can see and vote for HERE

-Jeremiah Jay


the all-new thor


the all-new thor

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The Batmen by Salvador Anguiano / Tumblr

Part of the Poster Posse’s Batman 75th Anniversary tribute project, over at Blurppy.

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So much fun.


So much fun.

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Advance Review: The Delinquents #1

The great people over at Valiant Entertainment sent us over an advance copy of The Delinquents #1. You can read the 5 page preview here.

If you’re a fan of Quantum & Woody or Archer & Armstrong  you need to get this series.

This 4 part mini-series is going to be one for the history books ladies and gentlemen. James Asmus and Fred Van Lente do a great job setting up the story in the very first issue. Who doesn’t like hobo language, “Magic”, or Strip Poker. This issue is great and with the a cover by Paolo Rivera that alone should make you wanna buy this. 2 of the best (worst if you wanna get technical) teams come together (well…kinda) to bring a fun filled adventure about finding treasure (yea but can you really call it that?). You won’t be disappointed by this read.

Overall Grade-9.0 of 10. (I mean really it doesn’t get better than this.) 


Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, director James Gunn and president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige answer your 'Guardians of the Galaxy' questions.

Tune in today at 7pm ET/4 PT for the live interview and visit Yahoo Movies for ‘Guardians’ exclusives!


miles for art!


miles for art!

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Magnetoby MSZ006Zeta
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Magnetoby MSZ006Zeta

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